Who is the MBFA?

The MBFA is one of the largest multiple births associations in the country.  The geographical region we serve includes Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.  Our association began in 1961 and is staffed entirely by volunteers who provide many support services and social activities for our members.  Currently we have approximately 325 multi-members - all families of twins, triplets, quadruplets, or families expecting multiples.  We even have a few families with two sets of multiples!  If you would like to learn more about what our association offers its members, please view our Membership Benefits

MBFA Mission Statement

To allow parents of multiples the opportunity to share experiences and friendship, and to provide moral and emotional support to each other. To strive to provide general information on issues related to multiple births to parents and the community.



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MBFA is entirely volunteer run. We need your help to provide the support to our members that they need and deserve.
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MBFA is run entirely by volunteers. It receives no government funding. All money raised will go towards our outreach programs, community donations, members events, etc.

MBFA, PO Box 5532 Station ‘F’, Ottawa ON K2C 3M1

"Multiple Birth Families Association" is a non-profit organization

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