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To inquire about volunteering, or for more information on any of the opportunities below, please contact Shelli at vice-president@mbfa.ca.

The MBFA is much more than a group of families with twins and triplets (or more). It is a community within itself. A community that understands the value of making a difference. A community that supports one another in their unique situation. A community that fights for the equality of their multiples. To have them be treated as people, children and not an anomaly. An association of people who just “get it”. To keep this community thriving, we rely on volunteers, our members, who have the goals to add to the value of the MBFA.

Thank you to all those who volunteer or who are interested in volunteering. You are very much appreciated. Keep up the good work supporting families of multiples!

Current board opportunities

Social media
Are you a social media guru?

Do you know your way around Instagram? Facebook? Other social media platforms? The MBFA could use your help keeping our members connected. Ideally, you would we well versed in Facebook and Instagram and other platforms are a bonus. You would be in charge of posting general information open to the public: info about multiples (polls, news stories, connection pieces, etc), our annual Twice as Nice Consignment sale, and National Multiple Births Awareness day to name a few. Ideally, this would be a board position which would require attending a monthly meeting (currently virtually on the 3rd weekend of each month)

Welcoming committee
Are you friendly and like to help others?
We are looking for a few individuals to connect (via email, phone or text) with new members as a support buddy! We all know how overwhelming multiples can be, especially in the beginning and we want to help. This is a flexible position and frequency depends on how many new members join.

Community relations outreach
Can you help 
us connect to resources within the community?

How can the MBFA give back, be involved and create partnerships with other organizations with similar interests? This would be a board position and would require attending a monthly meeting (currently virtually on the 3rd weekend of each month).

Event assistance
o you enjoy people and planning?

We are looking for a few people who could help organize various events for our members. Examples would be multi-mixer nights out, playgroups, various workshops, speakers. This position would work directly to the board Events Coordinator. 

Fundraising coordinator 
Do you have 
a background in fundraising or grant writing?

The MBFA is entirely volunteer run with no government funding at all. While we still need funds to operate, we have had to rely mainly on membership fees to cover costs. This does limit what we do and we want to do a lot! This would be a board position and would require attending a monthly meeting (currently virtually on the 3rd weekend of eachmonth)

Student volunteer opportunities

The MBFA helps grade 9-12 students in Ontario complete their community service hours to help them graduate from high school.  We have a great many opportunities for students whether that is working at events, assembling community hampers, working on our website or newsletter, helping with communication on social media and creating graphic design pieces for our board initiatives. Contact us at vice-president@mbfa.ca if you are a student and are interested in volunteering with the MBFA.

Short term opportunities

Not all volunteering is long term. If you are able to help out in the short term or at a few of our events, please let us know.


If you have a specific expertise, skill or talent you would like to share with our members, we'd love to hear more.

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